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Talent Concept

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  The company adheres to the concept of “Talent is the Most Valuable Wealth in an Enterprise”, and the competition of the comprehensive strength of an enterprise is the competition of the talent in balance. The enterprise can remain invincible in the competition owing to the first-rate talent. The enterprise firstly must forms the favorable atmosphere for paying attention to the talent in the enterprise, and they can own the talent. The company adheres to the talent concept of “Respect the Talent, Trust the Talent, Depend on the Talent”, and builds a working, studying and living environment with the special cultures of the company, so that the independent personality, personal dignity and personal rights can be fully respected, and the staff can feel the understanding, care and help from the big family of the enterprise and have sense of identity, sense of security and sense of belonging.

  Meanwhile, the enterprise also keeps a strategic thinking of “Reciprocity” with the staff, strives to create a favorable environment for the common development of the individual and organization, and sets up a wide stage for the development of the talent. The development and self-transcendence of the enterprise are achieved by virtue of technology innovation. The company will constantly launch new products, and strive to make its products leading in the domestic and international markets.


  Talent Concept: People-oriented and human resources are the first resource in the company.

  Talent Selection: Culture Identity, Both Talent and Virtue, Practice, Improvement, Lofty Aspirations.

  Talent Cultivation: Quality Promotion, Potentiality Development, Training is a kind of effective welfare.

  Talent Retention: Build an excellent environment for achieving the individual value, provide a stage for increasing the individual value, and pursue the harmony of the individual progress and enterprise development.