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The environmental protection department of many places staged a "cat and mouse family" corruption case

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Xinhuanet Beijing November 25 new media special power Recently, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province and other environmental protection and related departments violations of
Xinhuanet Beijing November 25 new media special power Recently, Jurong City, Jiangsu Province, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province and other environmental protection and related departments violations of law and order cases were investigated and dealt with by the procuratorate, in these cases, the environmental protection system corruption case has received much attention. When topics such as smog surrounding the city, water and soil pollution have repeatedly stung public health, the public has greater expectations for environmental supervision and law enforcement agencies. However, the law enforcement officials have become the "protective umbrella" and "cat and mouse" of the offenders. How can they keep the bottom line of the rule of law and guard the clear blue sky?
Frequent environmental corruption cases, multiple environmental protection departments staged "cat and mouse family"mouse family"
In the midst of a strong anti-corruption storm in the central area, corruption cases in the environmental protection field were exposed from time to time. A few days ago, Zhu, a chief of the Jurong City Development and Reform Commission of Jiangsu Province, was suspected of accepting bribes of 1.31 million yuan during the declaration process of subsidized projects such as the closure of polluting enterprises. The Jurong City Procuratorate filed a public prosecution on the basis of accepting bribes. In the past year, Jurong City has filed and investigated 9 cases of duty crimes in the environmental protection law enforcement and related special fund examination and approval departments, involving environmental protection, development and reform of the Commission, finance and other multi-departmental public officials.
The Haiyan County Environmental Protection Bureau of Zhejiang Province was also exposed to corruption cases. Since the beginning of this year, a total of six people have been investigated in the Haiyan County Environmental Protection Bureau, including the former director Zhu Xiaofang and the deputy director Yan Naifeng. Alleged crimes are corruption, bribery and bribery. Among them, Yan Naifeng served as the deputy director of the Haiyan County Environmental Protection Bureau from 2007 to the beginning of 2014. He used his position to accept bribes of RMB 330,000. The case has now entered the judicial process.
In 2013, the procuratorial organs of Anhui Province filed a total of 133 cases involving large-scale investigations in the field of environmental protection, involving environmental protection, national land, economic and trust committees, water conservancy, taxation, quality inspection and other departments. Among them, there are 1 department-level cadre, 20 department-level cadres, and 8 district and county environmental protection bureau directors.
Also in 2013, the Guangdong Provincial Procuratorate investigated and handled a number of typical cases of crimes against ecological environment. The crimes committed by the staff of the relevant departments caused large-scale land damage, major rivers to be polluted, a large number of vehicles with excessive exhaust gas on the road, and mineral resources being stolen.
Environmental protection and corruption means: environmental assessment, acceptance, and law enforcement
By combing these cases, it is not difficult to find that the environmental protection corruption case mainly focuses on three aspects: environmental impact assessment, environmental protection project approval, and monitoring and enforcement of “scarring”:
The environmental assessment is “one eye, one eye closed”. Zhao Guanghua, former director of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Guangning County, Zhaoqing, violated state regulations and abused his powers. He approved and approved the Guangning County Lianhe Changhui Metal Products Factory for electroplating and metal processing projects. In the case that the electroplating production equipment constructed by the plant seriously exceeded the design scale of the environmental impact report, Ouyang Jie and Peng Guanghua violated the relevant regulations and agreed to complete the acceptance of the plant. The long-term illegal discharge of the plant caused the cyanide anomaly in the water quality of the Manshui River, causing serious pollution and seriously affecting the domestic water consumption of the downstream residents, causing huge economic losses. Tan Wanliang, secretary of the Party Committee of Jiangyan Town, Guangning County, and Lv Qihua, deputy mayor of Lianhe Town, Guangning County, have accepted the bribery of the factory contractor, Mr. Mai Ruizhong.
The project acceptance is “catty”. Chen Bingrong, the chief of the supervision unit of the Environmental Protection Bureau of Qujiang District, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, accepted the bribe of the company in the acceptance work of the relocation project of Qujiang District Shengzhao Mining Co., Ltd., and failed to accept the construction project as required, resulting in Zheng Chengxiong, the contractor The people discharged the production wastewater directly into the Beijiang River through a private concealed pipe, causing a major environmental pollution accident with a serious lead concentration in the river.
Environmental law enforcement "eat the card." After the case was filed, Xu, the head of the environmental monitoring brigade of Jurong Environmental Protection Bureau, explained the fact that he took advantage of his position, accepted bribes, and seized improper interests for the supervision of enterprises. Xu said that from 2006 to the beginning of 2014, he illegally accepted the property of more than 20 supervised enterprises in 99 times, with a total value of more than 200,000 yuan.
It is understood that these environmental law enforcement personnel who have been arrested have gone through the field in addition to law enforcement. Some of the surprise inspections of higher authorities have also reported to enterprises to form a "community of interests" with illegal enterprises.
Tightening the system cage to prevent the public authority of the regulatory authorities from "realizing"
The prosecutor who investigated the case of Jiangsu Jurong Environmental Protection Corruption said that "the environmental administrative law enforcement process is all operating in a relatively closed space and lacks effective external supervision. Therefore, the discretionary power of frontline law enforcement personnel to impose penalties for environmental pollution violations is greater. In addition, in the environmental protection special subsidy fund reporting link, the relevant management regulations are too broad, and at the same time involve environmental protection, development and reform commissions and other departments, the project reporting conditions, approval, disbursement procedures and the use of funds, regulatory methods, responsible subjects, investigation mechanisms, etc. Not clear enough."
Zhang Sining, a researcher at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences, believes that some illegal enterprises pay bribes to environmental protection system officials in order to save pollution costs and defraud environmental protection subsidies. Over time, the two sides have formed a stable interest transfer relationship. "The most important reason is the lack of effective restraint on power, the lack of supervision of law enforcement, and the power of some people in power to exchange money for money and other material benefits."
Zhang Sining believes that the supervision of law enforcement officials should be strengthened and the system cage should be tightened. Through the improvement of discipline inspection agency supervision, mass supervision, public opinion supervision and other channels, to curb the "cat and mouse family" hurricane. "Corruption cases in the field of environmental protection have their own particularities. Enterprises stealing polluting the environment are obvious. As long as the channels for reporting people's reports are unblocked, the competent departments are seriously inspected, and the accountability mechanism is strengthened, the possibility of forming a community of interests between regulators and regulators can be effectively reduced. ."
Peng Tao, an associate professor at the School of Administrative Law at Northwest University of Political Science and Law, believes that third-party monitoring mechanisms should be introduced, such as environmental assessment, to involve the public or social intermediary organizations to prevent corruption. In terms of system, in addition to the large supervision of the Disciplinary Committee and the Procuratorate, there is still a lack of detailed supervision, such as how to prevent corruption in some key links such as bidding, and the system is actually lacking. "Supervised should be comprehensive, and there should be no dead ends. It should be meticulous and systematic."
Peng Tao said that a regular spot check system for law enforcement personnel should also be established. Law enforcement personnel are regularly randomized and spot-checked. Once the staff members are found to receive gifts and gifts during the course of performing official duties, they must be resolutely investigated and punished. At the same time, establish a law enforcement return visit system to understand whether law enforcement officials' law enforcement procedures are legal, whether they are civilized law enforcement, whether they have the power to seek personal gains, eat cards, and so on. (Reporter Sun Renbin, Zhu Guoliang, Liang Aiping, Wu Yanting)
Original title: China's Internet: Frequent environmental corruption cases How to supervise "cat and mouse family"