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DetailsPlate type: herringbone corrugated, flat corrugated, trapezoidal flat corrugated, zigzag-shaped corrugated and the like;

Design range: 0.4m2--512m2, can design according to customer demand;

Material: titanium, stainless steel plate;

Recognized classification societies: CCS, LR, GL, DNV, ABS, BV, RINA, NK;

Use: domestic and foreign large and medium-sized shipbuilding company military and civilian dual-use vessels.

The plate heat exchanger is made wallboard (mobile and fixed wall panels), heat exchanger plates and takeover and other components, wherein the heat exchanger plate is a set of parallel corrugated metal sheet, plate is clamped on one side frame with connecting pipes fixed and movable panels in the wall, with the gasket seal between, prompted by locking bolts to move toward the fixed wall panels move, so as to achieve a predetermined size.

Hot and cold heat transfer media requires the formation of intense turbulence in the role of a corrugated sheet, a large number of turbulent heat transfer surface and the formation of the contact plate by plate to sufficient heat transfer, to achieve the ultimate effect of heat transfer.

Advantages of plate heat exchangers: heat transfer effect, small size, light weight, ease of disassembly, cleaning is easy to maintain, easy to scale, low cost and small temperature difference between the heat exchange between fluids, according to the needs of the area can change and expansion.

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